BQC is a Greek Accredited Certification and Training Body specializing in the Certification of Management Systems and Products/Services, in accordance with International Standards and Training Programs relevant to those Standards. The expertise, experience, reliability and global recognition of certificates issued by BQC have founded its international presence in over 10 countries worldwide.

BQC appeals to all kinds of companies and organizations operating in the greek and international market, that want to cope with modern requirements in Quality Management issues, Food Safety issues, Environmental and Energy Management issues and Health and Safety issues.

BQC approaches every business - client as a business partner, recognizing that each organization follows its own dynamic evolution through the global market landscape. The vision of BQC is to add value to the workflow of the organizations, boost their distinctive processes and help them grow.

Our Background

2008 – BQC is established in Athens, Greece
2008 – BQC achieves accreditation by the Hellenic Accreditation System ESYD (Cert. No.546) for Quality Management Systems
2011 – BQC goes worldwide certifying its first organization abroad
2012 – BQC issues the first Certificate for Iran
2013 -  BQC issues the first Certificates for India and Saudi Arabia
2015 – BQC expands its presence in more countries and issues Certificates for Italy, Egypt, China, Kuwait and Bulgaria
2015 - BQC achieves accreditation by PECB on its Training services
2016 – BQC achieves accreditation by the Hellenic Accreditation System ESYD (Cert. No. 546-5) for Food Safety Management Systems
2016 – BQC achieves certification for its Training services by STAREGISTER Inc.
2016 – BQC achieves accreditation by the Hellenic  Accreditation System ESYD (Cert. No. 1032) for Auditing services about Classification of Hotels and Lodgings in Stars and Key ratings
2016 - BQC cooperates with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UN-UNIDO) for conducting training programs
2017 - BQC expands its presence in Turkey and Vietnam.
2018 - BQC expands its presence in Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, Liberia, Oman,United Arab Emirates and Malaysia
2018 -BQC achieves accreditation by the Hellenic Accreditation System ESYD for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems (Cert. No.546-8)
2018 - BQC achieves accreditation by the Hellenic Accreditation System ESYD for Anti-bribery Management Systems (Cert. No. 546-8)

  The people of BQC

In BQC we understand that the efforts of the people who work for this company are the force that leads to progress. Every small or great achievement mirrors our team effort. All executives and staff of BQC enjoy the multicultural working environment and are encouraged to undertake initiatives that support the company's vision.

BQC demonstrates its vision for quality assurance in the working environment by keeping interpersonal relationships as top priority. Regular group meetings with executives and staff, help everyone to actively participate in the objectives of the Company Management. BQC consists of renowned, experienced and fully trained professionals of the international market in the Certification sector. BQC auditors are certified and registered in relevant Personnel Certification Organizations registers, ensuring the necessary expertise and experience in any business sector.

 Our global reach

BQC provides its services internationally through the extended professional network it develops.
BQC is represented in the following countries:


BQC recognizes the importance of providing full, comprehensive and updated services to its customers. BQC ensures the validity and global recognition of the certificates issued, as they are accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD) and Foreign Accreditation Bodies.

BQC is accredited by ESYD against ISO 17021-1 as a Management Systems Certification Body and against ISO 17065:2012 as a Products/Services Certification Body. Relevant certificates and accreditation details are available on the website of ESYD

 Our partnerships

Recognizing the global business environment, BQC has set up partnerships with international bodies, such as STAREGISTER and PECB, to ensure the continuous synchronization of changes on Training Programs in the industry of certification standards and not only.