Certification ISO 22000
ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety Management System

Target Audience

The requirements of ISO 22000 are applicable to all types of organizations that are involved in any part of the food supply chain, regardless of their size, activity and sector. This includes: organizations related to animal feed production, primary sector, food processing, foodstuffs transport, food storage, food retail sale and food distribution to the consumer. The requirements of ISO 22000 are also applicable to Organizations providing Food Services and their subcontractors and suppliers e.g. packaging, equipment, cleaning agents, additives etc.


The benefits: 

An organization that has been certified against ISO 22000 demonstrates that it complies with the relevant national and EU policies and legislation, while it avoids malpractices, reduces failures and is prepared to react to a possible food crisis. Through the implementation of ISO 22000 Standard, an Organization achieves continuous improvement of the security and quality of a product, enhances consumer perception of safety for its products/services and acquires a significant competitive advantage in the market.

Certification Process / Required Documents

The Organization interested to achieve certification against ISO 22000 Standard requirements contacts BQC and fills in the certification application

An initial audit is conducted and, if successful, a certificate of compliance is issued, that is valid for 3 years, provided that the organization undergoes annual audits.

Why choose BQC

BQC is accredited by the National Accreditation System (ESYD) against ISO / IEC 17021-1 Standard, Systems Certification in ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Cert. No. 546 and issues internationally recognized Certificates. BQC cooperates with experienced auditors and experts from all over the world, providing the most updated and professional knowledge in any business sector.