ISO 27701 Certification

ISO 27701 Certification

Target Audience

Any organization that is certified with ISO/ IEC 27001 and has to manage the security of assets, financial or other information, intellectual property and details of its employees / clients / partners / suppliers / shareholders (entrusted by third parties), needs to take reasonable measures to comply with data protection laws and has to acquire ISO 27701. Such organizations are Banks, Hospitals, Insurance Companies, etc.

The benefits

  • Information Security is an issue that has become a key part of effective privacy management.
  • Prevents companies from problems and improves the system itself.
  • The organization makes a strong commitment to the client / partner and gains his trust, specifically in terms of personal data protection.
  • Facilitates the company communication between partners/clients, concerning to the management of sensitive personal information.
  • Dissemination of personal information can be avoided.
  • Indicates that the organization has already taken all the appropriate and necessary measures, to comply in its corporate and legal obligations, concerning to data protection and privacy.

Certification Process / Required documents

The company that is interested in being certified according to the requirements of the ISO 27701 Standard is kindly requested to contact the BQC and complete the certification application.

Why choose BQC?

BQC company is accredited by the national Accreditation System, and the certificates that issues are recognized in international level. Also, BQC works cooperates with certified inspectors and experts ensuring the necessary Knowledge and experience in any sector. BQC inspectors treat each client as a business partner so as to achieve highly specialized inspections, detailed results ad high value added for each and every business.