Certification ISO 29993
ISO 29993 - Services Management System Non Formal Education

ISO 29993 provides the guidelines that an Organization requires for implementing a Quality Management System and for managing its resources, finances and risk.

Target Audience

ISO 29993 relates to educational institutions of non-formal education i.e. any organized form of education aimed at a specific audience, that is not part of the formal education system. In this category belong organizations such as Foreign Language Institutes, I.T. Learning Institutes, Training centers, Private Colleges, Conservatories, Dance Schools, Martial Arts Schools, etc. In-house training programs of an Organization are also considered as non-formal education. The fundamental characteristic of the non-formal education is the acquirement of a nationally recognized certification.

The benefits:

The benefits of certification against ISO 29993 are numerous. By applying the Standard requirements the quality of education is systematically improved, the transparency of learning services is established, the competitive ability of services increases, the needs of the trainees acquire a central role in the evaluation of services, the learning processes are improved by the establishment of continuous monitoring. Education and Training contributes to the development of an Organization and thus, creates a competitive advantage for any organization to apply the principles of ISO 29993.

Certification Process / Required Documents

The Organisation interested to achieve certification against ISO 29993 Standard requirements contacts BQC and fills in the certification application.

An initial audit is conducted and, if successful, a certificate of compliance is issued that is valid for 3 years, provided that the organization undergoes an annual audit.

Why choose BQC

The Certificates issued by BQC are internationally recognized. BQC cooperates with experienced inspectors and experts from all over the world, ensuring the most updated and professional knowledge in any business sector.