In-House Training

In-house Training Courses 

Target audience

In-house Training courses are applicable to Organizations of all types, regardless of their size or sector.

The benefits

In-house training courses provide important advantages for the training of human resources of an Organization because:

  • They are efficient – they can be implemented in the premises of the Organization and thus reduce transportation costs and make it easier for more employees to attend
  • They are adapted to the training needs of the company's employees
  • They are flexible, as the company adjusts the time of implementation of the training course according to its needs 
  • They are a fundamental tool for integrating a team work mentality in the company.


The tailoring of a training course on a company's needs is based on:

  1. Opting whether the Course will be implemented either in BQC’s seminar room or in the Organization’s premises 
  2. Opting a specialized Training expert to conduct the course  
  3. Opting a specialized presentation material relevant to the precise sector of the Organization 
  4. Opting the schedule of Implementing the Training Course
  5. Individual and to the point Questions resolving, so that the next day each participant can apply their knowledge to their workflow.

Why choose BQC

Acknowledging the current trends in the Training sector, BQC has created a wide network of experts and trainers around the world, that provide a high level of knowledge and experience in the training sector. The training courses offered by BQC are internationally recognized.