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BQC accepts and manages objections and complaints regarding to the implemented activities of certification, but also regarding to any existed certified by BQC organisation.

If you have a certain complaint or objection with regard to any certification activity or certain certified by BQC organisation, you may contact with us by filling the given form of communication, summarising the complaint or objection you want to submit.

BQC will contact with you for further information. BQC will keep confidential all the elements of the individual who will forward the complaint and the complaint itself.

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  BQC Quality Policy

BQC Certification Body specializes in Management Systems inspections, in the Certification of Products/ Services and in the organization of Training Programs based on International Standards.

The aim and key commitment of BQC is to provide services that fully cover the legal and agreed-upon requirements and, if possible, the expectations of its customers, to comply with applicable National and European legislation and to achieve the quality objectives set.

In order to achieve that/for this reason, BQC:

  • Has adopted a Quality Management System (QMS), which is applied throughout the entire Body and the activities related to inspections of Management Systems, Certification of Products/ Services, and which impacts the service quality as well as the customers’ satisfaction
  • Reviews and constantly/ continually improves the characteristics of its services wherever possible, as well as the effectiveness of its Processes, by establishing appropriate indicators.
  • Sets measurable objective targets for quality on a strategic level, in terms of specific operations as well as projects. These objective targets are established and monitored as far as their success rate is concerned during the BQC’s annual Management Review.
  • Provides the necessary resources for the efficient and effective operation of every individual BQC process.
  • Invests in the continuous training and education of its personnel in order to disseminate quality in every professional aspect.

BQC’s fundamental principle and commitment is the continuous improvement of its services and its processes and as a result, of the entire body. Furthermore it is paramount to us to maintain confidentiality and impartiality during the implementation of the management system certification services.

BQC fully comprehends the importance of impartiality during the implementation of its certification services, effectively manages conflict of interest issues and fully ensures the objectivity of the system management certification.

BQC recognizes and rewards team effort as well individual effort, invests in people and respects the client.

According to the Certification and Procedure Regulation of BQC Certification Body, the registry of Withdrawn Certificates can be communicated upon written request.