ISO 21001 - Management System of Educational Organizations
ISO 21001 - Management System of Educational Organizations

ISO 21001 focuses on the interactions between the educational organization, the trainee, the clients and other stakeholders. It specifies requirements for an Educational Organization Management System, where this organization:

  • Needs to demonstrate its ability to provide, share and produce knowledge, while complying with applicable regulatory and legislative requirements.
  • Aims to enhance the satisfaction of learners, other beneficiaries and staff through the effective application of the Management System of Educational Organizations, including processes for the continuous improvement of the system.

Target Group

All ISO 21001 requirements are generic and aim to be implemented by educational organizations that support the acquisition and development of competence through different lecturing methods, such as teaching, learning or research; regardless of the type, size or methods of delivery. For example:

  • Public and Private Universities
  • Private Colleges
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Center of tutoring for lower, secondary and higher education
  • Foreign language institutes
  • Vocational Training Centers
  • E-learning service providers

The benefits

By becoming ISO 21001 certified the educational organization will be able to:

  • Improve the quality of the educational system
  • Increase the social responsibility by promote equal opportunities for all students
  • Stimulate excellence and innovation
  • Provide personalized approach to all learners, especially to those with learning disabilities and to participants in distance learning
  • Consist evaluation processes and tools not only for the demonstration but also for the continuous increase of the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational programs and the organization
  • Harmonize goals and activities with the organization's policy
  • Enhance the reputation of the educational organization
  • Make a commitment for effective quality management practices
  • Cultivate and expand the corporate culture for the improvement of the organization
  • Adjust local, national and other standards in an international environment
  • Increase the participation of the stakeholders

Why choose BQC?

Certification by an independent Certification Body provides impartial and objective approach that the designed system meets the requirements of the standard and that is implemented by the Educational Organization.

BQC company cooperates with certified inspectors, experts and specialized scientists who can inspect and certify any educational organization (private or public) that aims to create, implement and develop a management system that will comply with the conditions that set the standard.