ISO 22301:2019 – Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301:2019 – Business Continuity Management System

Target Group

The requirements of ISO 22301:2019 are applicable to every organization - of all types - and its departments, regardless of their size, activity and sector. Furthermore, is useful to those who intend to develop new methods and practices for managing emergencies and unexpected situations, ensuring their continuous operation and a state of readiness and control.

The benefits

  • Constant Business Continuity without disruptions.
  • Identifies potential risks and predicts their successful management.
  • Ensures a reinstatement to the original state immediately after emergencies.
  • Provides a comparative advantage over competitors, especially in times of crisis.
  • Adds Value to customers since the observance & Certification of the Standard demonstrate Responsibility and Respect for them.
  • Increases the security within the organization.
  • Reduces the potential costs of internal or/and external controls.

Certification Process / Required documents

Organizations interested in getting certified to ISO 22301:2019  standard requirements, should contact BQC and fill in the certification application.

An initial audit is conducted and if successful, a certificate of compliance is issued that is valid for 3 years, provided that the organization undergoes annual audits.

Why choose BQC

BQC is accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System (ESYD), issues internationally recognized Certificates, and cooperates with experienced inspectors and experts from all over the world, ensuring the most updated and professional knowledge in any business sector.