label Greek Breakfast
Label Greek Breakfast

Target Group

The label “Greek Breakfast” is addressed to Greek Tourist Accommodations: Hotels, Rooms & Apartments for rent and Camping.

The benefits

In addition to the support of the Greek Products and the Greek Market, the implementation and certification of the provided breakfast of the accommodation as "Greek Breakfast" is an important tool of promotion, since:

  • Enhances the identity of the hotel product
  • Promotes a special hospitality experience throughout a gastronomic trip
  • Attracts the tourists that are willing to taste the local gastronomy and experience the culture of each area
  • Creates strong bonds with the guests by ensuring the compliance on basic principles of hygiene as provided by the legislation and the Hotel Chamber

The Certification for the provision of "Greek Breakfast" by the Hotel Chamber is a scoring optional criterion (250 points for Hotels -criterion 10.5) for the process of classifying Tourist Accommodations in Stars and Keys.

Certification Process / Required documents

For the issuance of the "Greek Breakfast" label, the company registers on the website of the Hotel Chamber, fills in the electronic form and selects the BQC Accredited Certification Body that carries out the on-site inspection of the company. The BQC prepares an Audit Report, which records the mandatory criteria for the award of the label and, in case that the full compliance with the conditions of the "Greek Breakfast "label is ascertained, issues a Certificate of Subscription of the Accommodation Conditions. The Hotel Chamber, finally, issues the Certificate of Trademark "Greek Breakfast". 

The granting of the Greek Breakfast label has a duration of two years. .

Why choose BQC

BQC is an authorized body by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels for conducting audits for the issuance and maintenance of the "Greek Breakfast" Label and is a registered Control Body on the relevant electronic platform of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels. BQC has created a nationwide network of experienced inspectors that covers all regions of Greece.