Certification of Management System against of school bullying
Management System Certification against school bullying

BQC, a leading Greek Certification Body with presence in 20 countries around the world, proceeds to the inspection and certification of Anti-Bullying management systems according to the unique UNI / PdR 42: 2018 standard developed by Italian special scientists in the field of psychology, mental health, education, standardization and accreditation. 

What is this?

According to the standard, each educational organization should define the actions it plans to implement in order to improve prevention and combat bullying. This project will be implemented by the first weeks of the school year and should include, among other things, measurable goals, such us number and result of complaints/legal cases promoted by the students' families against the school and its employees for intimidation cases, number of positive responses to intimidation questionnaires, participation in voluntary actions against school bullying.

In addition, it’s necessary to have a regulation against school bullying that will present the prohibited behavior and the consequences thereof, and constantly collecting reports on relevant incidents. It is essential to have an annual plan for education and information about school bullying and to have periodic planned and unplanned inspections to identify possible critical situations and to monitor the course of implementation of the school's actions.

What are the benefits?

The implementation of a system like that will have multiple benefits for public and private educational organizations that will choose to implement it, including:

  • Immediate and measurable reduction of bullying
  • Demonstration of the Educational Organization's commitment to the implementation and performance of permanent actions against intimidation
  • Better psychology of students and enhance their self-confidence
  • Strengthening student-teacher / teacher relations
  • Promoting healthy relationships among students
  • Enhance the sense of parental and guardian security for the services that provided by the educational institution
  • Strengthen prevention of bullying phenomena through organized activities and projects

Target Audience

Among others, it applies to:

  • Public and Private Educational Organizations
  • Educational Centers (Tuition Centers for Middle and Higher Education, Foreign Language Tuition Centers)
  • Nursery Stations and Child Care Facilities
  • Youth Centers
  • Sports Centers and Gyms
  • Gymnastic Associations and Athletic Groups

Why choose BQC?

Certification by an Independent Certification Body provides the good and objective proof that the designed system covers the requirements of the standard and is implemented by the Education Organization.

Our company cooperates with experienced inspectors, experts and specialized scientists from all over the world, with experience in compact violence and school bullying, and is able to inspect and certify any educational organization (private or public) that seeks to create, implement and maintain a control system that will properly adhere to standard requirements, preventing phenomena of violence and intimidation at all levels.