Product Certification for Brazilian Market
Product Certification – Passport to Brazilian Market

Manufacturers and suppliers worldwide producing specific goods need to show compliance to existing Brazilian regulations and specific standards before entering the Brazilian market. These regulations and standards are imposed by Inmetro, an institute accredited by the Ministry of Development, Industry and Trade in Brazil, so as to ensure that producing goods will not present harm to a person’s health, security or to the environment.

Companies can achieve that by demonstrating their commitment to quality and safety through a third-party inspection that will lead to the certification of the specific product.

Which products require a certificate

Some of the products that need to be Inmetro-Certified are:

  • Medical Devices
  • Household & Similar Appliances
  • Automotive Components
  • Hazardous location Equipment (Ex)
  • Toys and other Products intended to be used by Children
  • LED Lighting

Target audience

If you are an importer or a producer of such products and wish to introduce them to the Brazilian market, then you must follow all the necessary steps imposed by Inmetro.

BQC’s Services

BQC is a European Accredited Certification and Training Body specializing in Evaluation, Auditing, Certification and Training of Management Systems and Products/Services in accordance with International Standards. The expertise, experience, reliability and global recognition of BQC, have founded its leading international presence.

BQC can properly guide companies planning to introduce their products in Brazilian market so as to find out if their products need to be compulsorily certified by Inmetro.

BQC is in place to support any company regarding Inmetro regulations, help them acquire the necessary product certification and provide a seamless service to achieve fast and effective Brazil market access and support them with global market access.