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Quality Label "CRETAN CUISINE"

With the aim of the strengthening of the actions of the Region of Crete for the Protection, Rescue and Dissemination of the Cretan Diet in Greece and abroad,is included the creation of the unified Quality label for the Cretan Cuisine . The intention is for the Cretan Cuisine Label to be the connection between the productive sectors of the Region's economy and the cause for the development of gastronomic tourism on the island.

Target Group

The "Cretan Cuisine" Label is addressed to organizations of any size that deal with mass catering and have a Cretan Dish Book.

The benefits

The Quality Label "Cretan Cuisine" certifies that the company has been audited by the AgriFood Partnership of the Region of Crete both for the preservation of the Cretan Culinary Culture and for its organization, the adequacy of its staff, its operation and its legality. The "Cretan Cuisine" Label constitutes an competitive advantage for the company that acquires it. Especially, for the Hotel Businesses, the Quality Label "Cretan Cuisine" is a graded optional criterion giving 200 points (criterion 10.6) for the Classification of the Hotel in Star Categories.

Certification Process / Required documents

The company that is interested in being certified against the "Cretan Cuisine" Label should contact the Agri-Food Partnership, fill in the Certification application and send attached all the required additional documents. BQC is an Accredited Body registered in the register of the Agri-Food Partnership and therefore, the company may com in contact with BQC and set the audit date. At the end of the audit by BQC, the evaluation committee of the AgriFood Partnership approves the findings and gives the suggestion, which, if positive, leads to the award of the Label.

Why choose BQC

BQC is an Accredited Body with great activity in the tourism and catering industry, both in Greece and abroad. BQC has contracted a cooperation agreement with the AgriFood Partnership and the Region of Crete in order to offer inspection services for the Quality Label "Cretan Cuisine". At BQC we recognize that Quality and Culture are related terms and we prioritize them.